Mancini to Inter: here it's his staff, and players required to the President and the contract signed

After the president's bliz Thoir that between Thursday and Friday took the difficult decision to alternate Walter Mazzarri on the Inter bench with the return of Roberto Mancini now breaks the search form on which to play and men who definitely want to bring the team to third place that promised to management.

On the player's market appear 2 or 3 tokens required the president and treating players' Kolarov and Clichy grown up with him and on which the City relies heavily on technical and more forward we will try to focus on the outside of Tottenham Erik Lamela  who may submit a 4-2-3-1 with a lone striker Icardi.

On the staff Roberto Mancini vice Daniele Adani currently work with Sky with the goalkeepers coach while Nuciari as team manager Jose Duque 'the City looks ready to follow him to his new Italian adventure.

Roberto Mancini finally the leadership has undergone a 2.7 million contract for this season and after a two-year, 4 million more than the usual bonuses. To these figures for this season and the next one must add that Inter will have to continue to pay the salary of Walter Mazzarri which amounts to approximately EUR 3.5 million net hoping that the coach from Livorno has a place for next season.