Italian Football in crisis: Come only foreign football players at the end of career

The August transfer market is in full swing and for Italian teams, the feeling is that it is always the poorest seen that several teams seem interests to hijack samples at the end of his career.

Inter took Vidic from Manchester United born in '81 and then 33 years old, to reinforce the Rome took Ashley Cole played 34 years. Even though Juventus has placed the shot Morata class 92 did get a certain Patrice Evra has 33 years by Manchester United.

And what of Milan that every year for a while in this part relies on compioni a little on in years (Kaka, Essien, Honda etc) and this year continues with this philosophy by getting a certain class goalkeeper Diego Lopez 1981, and probably of Armero 1986 while it had already closed contracts with Menez PSG from the '87 and Alex from the PSG '82.

Even at Hellas Verona  reinforce the team with the colombian Football Player  Rafa Marquez from Leon who has 35 years old and for forward still rely on striker Luca Toni, who has 37 years of age.

The Torino leaving Ciro Immobile 24 years has filled the gap with the purchase of Fabio Quagliarella who has 31 years and seasons behind not just happy.

So are all signs of a kick in the deep economic crisis that reflects the same difficulties that beset the country and rightly to complete could not miss the new Federal President who views the alternatives in the field Demetrio Albertini 42 years and Carlo Tavecchio 71 years it was thought right to choose the latter in spite of the idea of ​​rejuvenating the system ... but it could not be otherwise!