AC Milan: The brazilian club Cruzeiro gets official offer for Robinho; near its transfer

In today's day came from Cruzeiro an official offer for AC Milan's brazilian striker Robinho.

Milan will want to give to everyone in costs for both lighten the salaries for both get fresh money to start other market transactions. Tomorrow, the club has to meet the player to close the deal even if the claims of Robinho are still very high and above both the Santos Orlando City Soccer had abandoned the deal because of the high demands of the engagement of footballer.

Meanwhile, AC Milan has not called up for the U.S. tour just to let him free to find a solution to his own future and the track Cruzeiro could be that good.

Meanwhile, for the other operation of the Milan market concerns Criscito was dropped after his attorney D'Amico said that the player will surely remain at the Zenit for the next season and then in the last hour always seems to start another hypothesis for the defense that would see the arrival of the Verona side of Romulo whose name seems to be out of the mouth of the technical Inzaghi during submit Arcore with Galliani and Berlusconi a few days ago.