AC Milan Transfer: News about the operation to Lavezzi, even Ljajic in the viewfinder

In the last hours it seems to have taken an accelerated negotiations to bring the outside PSG's former Napoli Ezequiel Lavezzi with Milan. The release seems to have arrived from Madrid where they seem to be more and more certain of the departure of Di Maria to Paris operation that would complicate not just stay in the French capital of Lavezzi.

The main problem to be solved is that of the high current engagement that the Rossoneri can not guarantee outside of Argentina and then you are dealing with to find a solution that satisfied both parties.

The arrival of Lavezzi, just back from a season at PSG where he scored 9 goals in 32 league games, it would be very welcome to Inzaghi who nourishes player in high esteem and would ensure a good push on the wings in the form that is preparing for the Goofy his Milan.

The alternative to Lavezzi might be the national Cerci but there are many teams on the player and hence the competition moldo difficult to overcome with the few resources available in cassi milaniste.

Last news is that finally the MIlan did not even abbonadonato track Ljaijc who would like to borrow but only in contrast with the Rome after the arrival of Iturbe wants recupere a few million on the market with the sale of the Serbian footballer.

In defense department finally Domenico Criscito strongly wants to come to Milan with a reduction in salary but his transfer is related to an assignment in the department perhaps that of AbateĀ to Juventus of Allegri.