Juventus: first hit as a gift for the new manager Allegri; finally arrives Morata

On the night finally came the news that many Juventus fans were waiting for Alvaro Morata ex Real Madrid, where last season he scored 7 goals in 23 matches, said yes at Juventus and Italy will most likely today to sign the contract and join the group in the withdrawal of Vinovo.

The summer hit Juventus is well finished and gloats Massimiliano Allegri also because it would have been just rumors from the arrival of the new coach of Livorno, who contacted by telephone and the player has to convince the young forward to accept the proposal of Juventus.

On the top there was also an attempt to insert the Wolfsburg Juventus but in the end the tenacity paid off.

Juventus to Real Madrid will pay the sum of 18 million Euros but the Spanish company was guaranteed a against-redemption clause set at 30 million and a pre-emption of a future sale of the player.