Juventus: Here's how to play the team with Allegri on the bench

The day after the official announcement of Massimiliano Allegri on the Juventus bench begin to get the news on the module that will be used by the technician who will be responsible livornese the difficult task of not to regret Antonio Conte.

The idea of ​​Allegri always that surely will be to not upset the tactical assettico winning last year, but rather to include some things, especially in defense.

Allegri has always proved to be more and more inclined to play with 4 defenders and this will surely be the main change with respect to the three-man defense last year though, as it should be, envi change will certainly gradually to give way to soccer players assimilate the new method.

Another major change that thought to rely Allegri will be the new role of playmaker role for which the names of those who might be in the last days chasing each other on the market (Pastore, Lamela etc.) but also those that the company already has in house as Pirlo (advanced compared to the current position) and Paul Pogba for technical skills that would make the difference.